Bosnian War | Civil War in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Before Bosnian War Problems in Bosnia began long before 1992. After the death of Josip Broz Tito in 1980 and the collapse of the socialist...

How to Get From Sarajevo Airport to City Center

It is a big problem to reach Sarajevo city center (Bascarsija) from Sarajevo Airport for strangers. We have tricks for Sarajevo Airport transfer. But if...

Visegrad City

Visegrad Višegrad (Visegrad) was settled in the Eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, into Drina river valley. First time it was mentioned 1407 as a  property...

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Rent A Car Sarajevo Airport | List of Companies

I wrote about Sarajevo Airport transfer before. As I said, there is no direct public transportation from airport to city center.   Rent a car Sarajevo...

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