10 reasons to visit Sarajevo for New Year holidays


Sarajevo has a lot to offer visitors during the winter holidays and magical nights during which many stars entertain us.

1. Sarajevo is the New Year center of the region

Sarajevo will also welcome 2018 as the New Year's Center of the region. As early as December 30, at 18:00 you will dance in the streets of Sarajevo where you will have the opportunity to hear the world classics in the performance of the Music Art Orchestra. New Year's Eve will mark the magic of returning to the fairytale with the biggest pop star of the region and the hits of Zdravko Čolić. On the first day of the new, in 2018, we will enjoy the timeless hits of the cult band "Red Apple", and the program starts at 20:00.

2. Regional stars in a hike to Sarajevo

The best jazz musicians of Sarajevo and regional jazz scene will be presented to the special guests – Aleksandru Bijelić and Rambo Amadeus, who will perform at this occasion the greatest works of the great jazz, but also their works in jazz arrangements. After the concert, the audience and musicians will be entertained late at night at the DJazz stage in the BKC Gallery, with a jam session playing accompanied by Drum Jay.

Also, 31.12. in the National Theater in Sarajevo a traditional New Year concert of the Sarajevo Philharmonic is held. Željko Joksimović will entertain us at Jahorina, at Hotel Hills Halid Bešlić, and at Hotel Teris Haris Džinović.

Fans of electronic music can enjoy DJ Toto Chiavetta and DJ Olderic in the Youth Hostel.

3. Proximity to mountains and winter sports

Sarajevske mountains are located at most half an hour's drive from the city center, and with a wide range of new content, modern services and affordable prices, Sarajevo again takes the place of your favorite ski resort. The opening of the winter season in the Olympic mountains starts on December 15th!

4. A gourmet paradise

Bosnian cuisine is widely known, so Sarajevo is recognized as a true gourmet paradise. Traditional cuisine with its smell, way of preparation and special recipes attracts both tourists and the local population. It is difficult to decide which dish is best, so the recommendation is certainly to try a few of them and feel that magic on the plate.

5. Affordable prices

Quality, and a low price is always required. So in Sarajevo, you can find different variations when it comes to costs. Most tourists consider almost everything very favorable, so we can boast a trend of affordability.

6. Hospitality

Sarajevo has always been the rest of the city of kind people who will welcome you with open arms, with a tradition of hospitality of foreigners, travelers, passers-by and others, dating from ancient times to the present. So many restaurants, cafes and restaurants do everything to make them feel at home.

7. Olympic spirit

The XIV Winter Olympics left a deep mark on Sarajevo, as shown at the Olympic Museum in Sarajevo, where sport and art presented the spirit of Olympism, Olympic values, creativity, youth and other positive developments of this event. A special place is also occupied by the well-known bob trail on Trebevic, built for the needs of the Olympic Games, which was used for bockey competition, four-seater and sledding.

8. Open air museum

The well-known fact is the wealth of Sarajevo in the cultural and historical segment. Especially this is highlighted through various monuments and stećci which from different epochs made this city a real outdoor museum. Thus, one of the more visited Old Jewish Cemeteries, located in the settlement Kovačići, is one of the largest Jewish sacral complexes in Europe.

9. Old craftsmanship

If you want to experience Sarajevo and Baščaršija the right way, you should not miss a walk through craft streets. And today, as well as five centuries ago in Kazandžiluk Street, you can see the stories about how to handle copper, and instead of copper dishes, they produce objects of artistic or decorative value and sell them as souvenirs. During a walk on the Basque market, you can see a multitude of examples of rich traditions tradition that are alive today.

10. Sarajevo spirit

Each city has its own way of attracting people to return to it. Sarajevo, in addition to cultural and historical sights, exudes simplicity and relaxed atmosphere, which is additionally emphasized by friendly citizens, always ready for socializing.


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