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10 reasons why to visit Sarajevo during the holidays

The offer of Sarajevo at any time of the year is very rich, but the winter period in the capital of BiH is a real spell! The streets, Sarajevo Holiday Market, Old Town fairytale, numerous ice rinks, concerts … is just a part of what you expect in Sarajevo!

The reasons why you should visit Sarajevo during the New Year’s holidays are:

# 1 … because it has a rich New Year’s program!

The capital of BiH will also be welcomed as the new year center of the region in 2019. As early as December 30, at 18:00 you will dance in the streets of Sarajevo where you will have the opportunity to hear the world classics in the performance of the Muzik Art Orchestra. New Year’s Eve night will mark the magic with the hits of Harry Mathieu Harry, and on the first day of New, in 2019, we will enjoy the hits of the Sarajevo band Bombay Press.

# 2 … because you’ll enjoy the concerts!

For all lovers of the legendary group Bijelo dugme, the New Year’s celebration will be two days before, when their concert at the Olympic beauty Bjelašnica will be held. Numerous hits will be performed by Alen Islamovic, Mladen Voijcic Tifa, and Goran Bregovic Brega with the orchestra. The concert starts at 2 pm

After that, warm up and prepare for another concert, as the Zabranjeno pušenje group will also hold a concert in the hall Mirza Delibašić in Sarajevo on Saturday, December 29, 2018. The entrance to the concert will be free. The start of the Zabranjeno pušenje performance is scheduled for 21 hours, and the Skenderija door will be open for visitors from 19 hours.

# 3 … since the winter season started on the Sarajevo mountains!

If you are fans of winter spells and skiing, Sarajevo is a city of your own size! Sarajevske mountains are located at most half an hour’s drive from the city center, and with a wide range of new content, modern services and affordable prices, Sarajevo again takes the place of your favorite ski resort. Bjelašnica, Igman, Trebević or Jahorina, whatever mountain you choose – you will not regret it!

# 4 … because Sarajevo has a relaxing rhythm and delicious food!

Each city has its own unique rhythm – light and relaxing. Sarajlije usually sit for hours and hang out with coffee, and this habit quickly passes over to visitors to Sarajevo. In addition, you will also enjoy a rich gastronomic offer.

Bosnian cuisine is widely known, so Sarajevo is recognized as a true gourmet paradise. Traditional cuisine with its scent, preparation and special recipes attracts both tourists and the local population. It is difficult to decide which dish is best, so the recommendation is certainly to try a few of them and feel that magic on the plate. The great news is that vegans can find places where they can enjoy delicious food!

# 5 … because you will not spend a lot of money!

Sarajevo is at the top of the list of European capitals where visitors receive excellent value for their money. Most tourists believe that almost everything is very convenient in Sarajevo, so we can boast a trend of affordable prices.

# 6 … because the hosts will welcome you to spread your hands!

If the beauty of a city is made by people, then Sarajevo definitely belongs to the most beautiful cities in the world. Sarajevo has always been the rest of the city of kind people who will welcome you with open arms, with a tradition of hospitality of foreigners, travelers, passers-by and others, dating from ancient times to the present. Whether you need a recommendation to leave or you are lost and need instructions, do not hesitate to contact passers-by, waiters or merchants and ask them for what you are interested in. You will often receive an interesting story with an answer, so do not be surprised if you come to Sarajevo as a tourist, and from there you go as Sarajlija.

# 7 … because you will enjoy driving with a cable car!

Photo: Trebevicka Zicara / Instagram

At any time of the year it is certain that you will enjoy the drive by the Sarajevo cable car, but in winter it is a magnificent view of the city than ever! For more than seven minutes, you will enjoy a pleasant ride until you reach Trebević. In addition to the beautiful nature that this mountain has, there is also a rich offer of catering facilities with entertainment facilities, and be sure to visit the bob trail built for the needs of the Winter Olympics and stay at one of the gazebos.

# 8 … because you will be convinced that this is the European Jerusalem!

A city of great monotheistic religions, it is bh. the capital, one of the surely rare in the whole world, where at the same time they can hear ezhan, a prayer call from the minarets, and church bells. You will enjoy the diversity Sarajevo has!

# 9 … because you’ll meet old crafts!

If you want to experience Sarajevo and Baščaršija the right way, you should not miss a walk through craft streets. And today, as well as five centuries ago in Kazandžiluk Street, you can see the stories about how to handle copper, and instead of copper dishes, they produce objects of artistic or decorative value and sell them as souvenirs. During a walk on the Basque market, you can see a multitude of examples of rich traditions tradition that are alive today.

# 10 … because you have to visit the Sarajevo Holiday Market!

The most convivial and biggest holiday event in Sarajevo offers to all generations a range of interesting content stretching through regular entertainment programs – concerts, DJ’s performances, and draw-out of prize-winning games. The fair part offers more than 20 exhibitors – craftsmen and handicraft producers, fan shops of Sarajevo sports clubs, domestic food and beverage manufacturers, and there is a skating rink open to all generations!


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