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avaz twist tower

Avaz Twist Tower | The Highest Building in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is a good city choice for your Bosnia trip because Sarajevo has plenty of places worth to visit. One of those places is Avaz...

Culture Destinations Sarajevo Shopping

Baščaršija | Sarajevo Old City and Bazaar

The patterns from the Ottoman Empire still remains in Bosnia. Baščaršija is an oriental bazaar that mostly looks like Ottoman’s used to have. It was...

sarajevo taxis

How to Take a Taxi in Sarajevo | Top 5 Best Sarajevo Taxis

There are too many transportation options in Sarajevo, however it is not possible or taking too much time to reach every part of city with...

mostar bridge
Destinations General Mostar

Mostar Bridge – Stari Most

Historical beauties hardly come to an end in Bosnia, and here’s yet another of them: Mostar Bridge. It is a true work of culture with...

sarajevo roses
Destinations General Sarajevo

Sarajevo Roses

You may think Sarajevo Roses as a real roses that are famous around the country but they are not. Sarajevo Roses have a pathetic past....

bosnian pyramids
Culture Destinations Other Places Sarajevo

Bosnian Pyramids

Have you ever heard of Bosnian Pyramids? There are many of epic stories for every nation. Even though there aren’t any evidence showing us Bosnian...

red bull cliff diving mostar
Destinations Events Mostar

Red Bull Cliff Diving Mostar 2018

Stari Most (Old Bridge) in Mostar will host Red Bull Cliff Diving activity on 8th September 2018. Red Bull Cliff Diving Mostar has started in 2015 and...

Sarajevo Historic View - By Julius von Háry (picture), Lysippos (photo) (Xylography of Julius von Háry, own photo) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Destinations Sarajevo

History of Sarajevo

Sarajevo was established by the Ottoman empire within the 1450s upon its success of the realm. The first Ottoman legislative leader of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Isa-Beg...

sarajevo winter olympics source:Reuters
Destinations Events Sarajevo

Sarajevo Olympics 1984

Sarajevo ’84 Various types of olympics has been going on around the world since the Greek people invented it. One of the most popular olympics...

sarajevo trolleybus 103 timetable

Sarajevo Trolleybus 103 Timetable

As I told you before the cheapest transportation between Sarajevo Airport to city center is use trolleybus 103. You can find information about Sarajevo Trolleybus 103 on...


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