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Panorama Sarajeva..

10 reasons why to visit Sarajevo during the holidays

The offer of Sarajevo at any time of the year is very rich, but the winter period in the capital of BiH is a real...

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Academy of Fine Arts

[ad_1] Maka Dizdara Coast 3 +387 33 210 369 www.alu.unsa.ba Center [ad_2]


10 most popular locations in Sarajevo on Instagram

[ad_1] Sarajevo is a city of specific architecture from various periods of rule, a place where the East and the West are kissing, emphasizing multiculturalism,...


10 reasons to visit Sarajevo for New Year holidays

[ad_1] Sarajevo has a lot to offer visitors during the winter holidays and magical nights during which many stars entertain us. 1. Sarajevo is the...


9. Sarajevo Business Forum – The tourism potential of the region is the offering of diversity

[ad_1] "The City of Sarajevo is ready to be a partner to everyone who decides to invest here," Sarajevo Mayor Abdullah Skak said at the...


4. International jumps in the water of Sarajevo Bentbashi 2018.

[ad_1] The SporTur Association for the Promotion of Sport and Tourism organizes the fourth in a row in Sarajevo International jumps into the water of...

traveling with children tips and tricks min

Travel with the child | A complete tourist guide with tourists and businesses in Mostar

[ad_1] Travel with children – tips and tricks If you are traveling with your child, you probably think about carriages, car seats and other large...

flickr photos of bosnia and herzegovina rama lake min

Beautiful photo | A complete tourist guide with tourists and businesses in Mostar

[ad_1] Rama Lake Looking for the real inspiration for this year's trip? Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of those destinations that everybody dreams of, but...

blogger teller of travels about mostar min

Day in Mostar | A complete tourist guide with tourists and businesses in Mostar

[ad_1] Bloggers about Mostar Source: telleroftravels.com In September last year Teller of Travels visited our beautiful city of Mostar. We found this article helpful! Read...

hum brdo iznad mostara

History of Mostar | A complete tourist guide with representatives of tourists and businesses in Mostar

[ad_1] From the Illyrian times to the Ottoman invasion, the ancient settlement of Blagaj was the center of political power, and Mostar was only a...


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