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Avaz Twist Tower | The Highest Building in Sarajevo

Sarajevo is a good city choice for your Bosnia trip because Sarajevo has plenty of places worth to visit. One of those places is Avaz Twist Tower. You will enjoy having extraordinary view from there. The tower was opened for visitors in 2009. Since it was opened, many people from the other countries want to visit it. Avaz Twist Tower could reckon as the symbol of Sarajevo city. When you are making your “to do list in Bosnia” you should absolutely add “spending time at Avaz Twist Tower” to your list.

Avaz Twist Tower was titled as one of the prettiest ten buildings on the Earth according to Schuco. It’s about to 180 meters height. That means you are able to be present at the one of the highest part of the human land. The tower’s elevators were maden by last technologic developments. They are really fast and good working. By you go to the upper floors you will have chance to see Sarajevo from bird’s eye view. Isn’t it worth to go? You might had been in a tower but most probably non of them were like the Avaz Twist Tower.

Caffe 35

caffe 35 sarajevo
caffe 35 sarajevo

Avaz Twist has 36 floors. Most people goes there for to be in 35th and 36th floors. At the 35th floor you could have some coffee from Caffe 35. When you go up to the 36th floor there is a terraced roof that you can watch the sky and Sarajevo. Elevators are too fast. You do not even notice how you came to the 35th floor by elevators. It is the evidence of qualified elevators. Also, Avaz Twist Tower’s entry fee is not too expensive (2,50KM only for 36th floor, 35th floor is free) and its coffee shop do not sell their products for high prices (3KM for coffee). Avaz gives you to the opportunity of having cheap and good experiment.

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