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The main attractions of Sarajevo are concentrated, as in many other cities, in the Old Town. Here you can see the old houses of local celebrities, mosques, inns. It is worth noting that in this part of the city both churches, mosques, and synagogues perfectly get along.

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Special attention is paid to the Muslim architectural structures the oldest caravan a barn of the 15th century, the Imperial Mosque, the Barcharshiya Tower, a Turkish fortress, the House Museum of the Ottoman Swrijo family, the Kurshumli Madrasa, where there is a unique collection of manuscripts and books of the Middle Ages. Next is the historic Latin Bridge, the squares of Bruce and Markale and the museums – the National, Historical, Jewish, Tunnel Museum.

Not far from Sarajevo, you can improve your health and rejuvenate at the Ilidje resort, and at the ski resorts Belyashnitsa and Jahorina – get a shot of adrenaline. No less famous are the ski resorts Vlašić and Kupres.

Any excursion program in the city of Banja Luka begins with a visit to the ancient Roman fortress, and then the city hall building, the Governor’s Palace, the Cathedral, the Church of Christ the Savior. Gomonits and Pivar monasteries attract a large number of tourists with their wines and cheeses of excellent quality. Ferhat Mosque Pasha is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Fans of active recreation, in particular, climbing, enjoy visiting the rock formation Stone Bridge, raftingists – canyons of the Vrbasa, Svrakava and Tsvrtsky rivers.

The visiting card of the city of Mostar is the Old Bridge of 1566 (included in the UNESCO World Heritage List), built by the Turks and connecting the two parts of the city. The height of the bridge is 21 meters. Other historical sights to which attention should be paid are the Museum of the Old Bridge, the house of Muslibegovitsa, the mosque of Koski-Mehmet-Pasha and Caradoz-bey and Revolution Boulevard.

In the urban environs, it is useful to visit the old town of Pocitel, the villages of Blagay and Medugorje (on June 24, 1981, the apparition of the Virgin Mary to six pupils took place here).

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