bosnian pyramids

Bosnian Pyramids

Have you ever heard of Bosnian Pyramids? There are many of epic stories for every nation. Even though there aren’t any evidence showing us Bosnian Pyramids is unreal some people still calls them as folk epics. Bosnia has enriched by ancient heritages. This makes the country attractive around the World. Our topic for today is Bosnian Pyramids. We will clarify the questions about the pyramids in your mind.

What Is The Mystery Of Bosnian Pyramids?

An archaeologist named Semir Osmanagic showed up with a claim at the close past. He claims that there are thirty thousand years old ancient pyramids in Bosnia. However, most of the scientist does not agree with him. While some of them remain silent some of them are finds this claim suspicious. Therefore, the Bosnian Pyramids topic has turned into a mystery. By the way, people mostly believe the presence of Bosnian Pyramids. Actually this is not an argument for the presence of them.

There are some landforms in Bosnia but those are not categorized as a pyramid or another landform yet. If you go to the place that pyramids located you will be convinced to Osmanagic’s claim. When you visit the Bosnian Pyramids, if you have an archaeologist eye you will likely realize that pyramid structure shows itself. We think that the scientist and global archaeologists have not done enough researches on the Bosnian Pyramids. It causes a suspicious approach to the case. We believe the suspicious thoughts about the Bosnian Pyramids shall vanish soon.

bosnian pyramid of the sun
pyramid of the sun

Where are the Bosnian Pyramids?

The Bosnian Pyramids are located in a close town to Sarajevo. You need to go about 18 miles northwest from Sarajevo if you would like to see them.

Structure of the Bosnian Pyramids

Pyramids remind of hills at first look. They are staying together as five different shaped pyramids. The highest one of them which is called as The Pyramid of the Sun’s height is almost 730 feet. The other one known as the smallest (Giza) is just has 480 feet height. So the Pyramids’ sizes are various. These sizes are enough to qualify these hill-looking landforms as Pyramids.

There are common prejudice that makes people think wrong about the Bosnia. The prejudice says people that Bosnia tries to attract tourists with unreal epics. Hence, Semir Osmanagic has faced with a lot of criticism globally. Most common media showed him as an advertiser or liar. When you make unbiased researches about his claim it is not difficult to see the truth. The carbon tests reveal the Pyramids in Bosnia has been existing over 30.000 years. It matches with the Osmanagic’s research. So why the authorized people still don’t want to accept the truth? The Western people might not be glad if there is an attractive heritage in Bosnia. Because each attractive place grabs more visitors to any country. This visits enrich the country. After the war in Bosnia, these economic opportunities are really effective on country’s economy. Looks like some powerful person does not want Bosnia to grow back.

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