bosnian war

Bosnian War | Civil War in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Before Bosnian War

Problems in Bosnia began long before 1992. After the death of Josip Broz Tito in 1980 and the collapse of the socialist camp, Yugoslavia no longer had a chance. But then, during the European “velvet” revolutions, when the communist regimes fell under the weight of insoluble contradictions, no one could imagine that a parade of sovereignties typical for the half-life of the country would provoke a monstrous long-term carnage right in the center of Europe. Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia tried to secede, Serbia opposed and used its main trump card a large number of Serbs living in these same national republics. The last one was in Macedonia, which therefore managed to leave quite quickly and simply. Most of all in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where there was the most motley ethnic composition: Bosniac-Muslims (44%).

Bosnian War

The situation of Bosnia was aggravated by geographical peculiarities: on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbian and Bosnian villages were mixed it was not possible to divide the country into two parts, even with a strong desire. Anyway, the negotiations between the Bosnian and Serbian politicians in 1991 reached a dead end. At the very beginning of 1992, the Bosnian authorities held a referendum on the independence of the republic. Most of the residents took part in it, but the local Serbs boycotted it and refused to recognize the results of the referendum. Instead, they announced the creation of their own state, the Republika Srpska.

Civil War in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Soon the first battles broke out between the Serbs and the Bosnians in the outlying areas. Ethnic cleansing in the villages began. In April in Sarajevo there was a “Demonstration for Peace”, on that day the Serbs and Bosnians of the city came together for the last time, they came to the square, trying to resist the impending catastrophe, but they opened the fire. Several people died. Who exactly shot at the crowd, is still not clear.

We believe that people should live in peace and serenity. Don’t let the people die. Nobody deserve to die no matter what their nationality are.

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