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Christmas markets in the Balkans 2017

Christmas in the Balkans
Christmas markets in the Balkans that you can visit this Christmas season

Christmas time is coming and there is no better time than Christmas to visit Europe! If you are looking for an unforgettable Christmas experience at an affordable price, then the countries in the Balkans are the best destinations for you! Central Europe is always more popular as a holiday destination compared to Eastern Europe, but is often overpopulated during these days.

Regardless of whether you are a solo traveler or traveling with family and friends, this is the best time to get acquainted with the new culture and festive traditions in the shortest festive time.

Even the Greens have to admit: These 9 cities, with their shine and winding, can make the heart grow in three sizes.

Zagreb, Croatia

Why go

If you are on Christmas markets, you can read that Zagreb was declared to be the most beautiful Christmas market in Europe. When you arrive Zagreb and start exploring your city center, you will realize that Zagreb has been an important city for years. It looks even more beautiful during its Christmas market. A nice place for wandering and stopping for some Christmas delicacies is also Zrinjevac, offering many food and drink stands to warm during the cold winter days. In the middle of the forum, you will also find Santa Claus. If you like skating, you must also stop at the Kralja Tomislava Park – just opposite the main train station. Ice Park is really nice and offers fun for all ages.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Why go

The first thought you will have: It's like Paris. The lights that leave the river that pass through the old town, people, even in the shade, sit on the floors of the five and six floors, drinking hot drinks, eating their bread cakes lightly to extend the lease on the table. It's a lively atmosphere with a children's concert concert and a band that plans audiences. Ice skating on the Congress Square market is added to the winter charm. Public transportation will take place, but not so often and if you want to travel around with your family, the best advice is to rent a car. You can visit the Christmas Market in Ljubljana or the Postojna Cave.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Why go

The country is known for its hosts from 3 different religions. What happens at an important celebration in Europe such as Christmas? Bosnia and Herzegovina is probably the most tragic country in Europe three great religions living within one country: Muslims, Orthodox and Catholic. With the Santa's Village and Children's Playground set only for the market, this is a great place for kids to experience holidays. Visitors can also take local crafts, organic food and plenty of drinks!

Tirana, Albania

Why go

Movement in Albania enjoys its own Christmas traditions. Foreigners living in Albania can plant trees for Christmas, others have their homes for that day and baking candy for which they are accustomed to holidays. Although Christmas is in silence in Albania than in the West, those who yearn for the light and festive mood that Christmas usually causes can fill up on New Year's Eve. Christmas tree on the main square in Tirana and night fireworks help mark the day.

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Why go

Winter magic starts on November 26 and will last until January 8, 2017. All visitors will be able to enjoy a large number of more than 60 different exhibitors. In a variety of content, entertainment programs will be organized in two stages. Visitors will be able to enjoy school lectures, performances of children's bands, dance choreography, magic tricks and inevitable Santa Claus will also be present, donating visitors from their carriage. Mostar is the best choice for those who want to spend their Christmas in one of the sunniest places in Europe.

Athens, Greece

Why go

Greece is approaching Christmas, from the mainland to the island, Greek Christmas traditions remain a deeply rooted part of the culture. During December, people are buying gifts, decorating their homes and preparing for family holidays. It's the heart of the city Syntagma Square and there was a burning city Christmas tree. The trees in the square are cut in blue and white lights (holiday colors of Greece) or with decorations such as karavakia (small Christmas ships).

Sofia, Bulgaria

Why go

Unusual for an Orthodox country, Bulgaria celebrates Christmas on December 25th, and the biggest and best celebration reserved for Christmas Eve. Santa Claus passes Dyado Koleda , or Deda Bozic, and comes with her grandchildren Snegurochka, Snežana. The inhabitants of Sofia gather on Christmas Eve at a gastronomic dinner, traditionally held by family matriarchs. Meat, cheese and dairy products are avoided during the 40-day brother who leads to Christmas, in order to purify the body and soul, so expect delicious vegetarian dishes such as a pumpkin pumpkin and paprika.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Why go

It is a time when the whole city shines in the warmth of the ornaments, the echo of the clothes, the aroma of holiday specialties fills the air; all under a bunch of thousands of bright lights, Christmas in Dubrovnik It's a magical time. I Christmas 2017 in Dubrovnik There are many gifts below Christmas wood for everything.

Sibiu, Romania

Why go

As always, this Christmas market has been placed on Dubrovnik's Piata Mare, in the very heart of the city, and this is probably a large part of its charm. Being surrounded by such a magnificent Baroque architecture, you feel as if you are back in time in a smaller, more comfortable Vienna. Happy and full of colors, booths represent a great variety of goods, from Christmas decorations, fried almonds and mud of wines to traditional handmade products such as leather good jewels, fur hats and more.

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