exit fest in bosnia and herzegvovina


exit festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Great Exit Festival Family Will Get Another Member Next Year! After 2014, Sea Dance started at Jaz Beach, a year later the Revolution in Timisoara and Sea Star in Umag this year, the EXIT team starts a new festival that will be held from March 15th to 18th next year at the Olympic Lakes of Jahorina!

The festival is designed to have both day and night events, but follows the formula 2 + 2 which was used for the extremely successful Sea Star Festival in Istria. On the first day, the festival will have an evening party for entertainment; in the next two days, it will open at full capacity during the day and night, and the fourth day is reserved for a party during the day. More information about the new festival, its name and the names of its first performers will be available soon, and the first tickets for the best promotional prices will be available before the start of the winter season.

Music festivals in mountain centers are on the rise around the world, and only in Europe demand has already exceeded the supply of such events. The EXIT team, in cooperation with the Olympic Center of Jahorina, plans to set up a new festival among the most important winter music festivals on the continent in a relatively short period of time.

This will place Jahorina among the attractive destinations of the regional network of the festival organized by the EXIT team, continuing the trend of connecting the region as the basis of the social mission of EXIT, but still positioning the region of Southeast Europe as one of the most attractive destinations for youth and festival tourism, Around the world. As EXIT 2001 was the first mass gathering of young people after the wars of the 1990s, all events that EXIT team gathered today from across the region, creating a special atmosphere for visitors from the rest of the world. Some international media called "EXIT magic".

In addition to the new regional countries and the promotion of local destinations in the world, EXIT team continues to develop a long-standing experience of 365 days a year, and every year offers more events and festival days. This year, in the first, promotional wave of EXIT festival sales, tickets will be available for other festivals, for the first, promotional prices, individually and in bundle, with savings up to 80%!

Source: exitfest.org

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