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How to Get From Sarajevo Airport to City Center

sarajevo airport transfer

It is a big problem to reach Sarajevo city center (Bascarsija) from Sarajevo Airport for strangers. We have tricks for Sarajevo Airport transfer.

But if you learn tricks it will be easy for you 😉

You have four options with descending order:

Option-1: Rent a Car From Sarajevo Airport

You have too much alternatives for renting a car in Sarajevo Airport.

If you want to choose that way please read article about rent a car Sarajevo Airport.

Option-2: Getting a Taxi in Airport (5 Euro)

There are too many taxis in airport and they all have standard tariff for going city center. The price is 30 KM (15 Euro). But when they use taxi-meter it will cost 10 KM. So don’t use taxis in airport.

How to get a cheap taxi?

Go outside of the airport (Dont worry. Airport is too small and it has only one entrance). Call Lav Taxi. Number: +387 57 342 000

Say that you are at the entrance of the airport. The person who will answer the phone knows English and they will say when a taxi  can come for you.

By Law Taxi the way from Sarajevo Airport to Bascarsija will cost approximately 10 KM.

Option-3: Shuttle Bus in Sarajevo Airport (2,5 Euro)

You can use shuttle bus to get city. It’s not public but organizing by a special company, Centrotrans Eurolines.

A one-way ticket costs 5KM, double-way costs 8KM.

Sarajevo Airport shuttle bus schedule:

  • 5:30
  • 6:30
  • 7:15
  • 8:45
  • 11:15
  • 13:15
  • 13:50
  • 15:10
  • 16:40
  • 17:30
  • 20:40
  • 22:00

If you want to go airport from city, you should go to Vijećnica.

Sarajevo Airport shuttle bus timetable from city:

  • 5:00
  • 6:00
  • 7:15
  • 8:45.
  • 10:25
  • 12:10
  • 14:10
  • 14:45
  • 15:50
  • 17:20
  • 18:15
  • 21:20

Option-4: Go With Bus From Sarajevo Airport to City Center (1 Euro)

Unfortunately there is no direct public transportation from Sarajevo Airport to city center. So, you have to walk for a while. You should go to Dobrinja. Here is the route:

From Dobrinja you can use Trolleybus number 103 or Bus number 31E. One way ticket is 1,80 KM if you buy it from driver. Also you can buy tickets from kiosk for 1,6 KM.


  • City center is also name of a shopping mall: Sarajevo City Center (SCC) so if you want to go old city say Baščaršija “Bash charshiya”.
  • Old city is 10 km away from Sarajevo Airport.
  • If you use bus, get out from bus at Trg Austrije.
  • If you use trolleybus, get out at Latinska Ćuprija (Latin Bridge)
  • You can ask help from people, they are so helpful and most of the people knows english.

Have a nice trip.

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