Karagoz Bey Mosque

Karagoz Bey Mosque Tourist Guide

Karagoz Bey Mosque is considered the main mosque of Mostar and the most beautiful mosque of Herzegovina. It was built in 1557 in the center, on the banks of the Neretva River.

The author of the project is the famous Sinan, the chief architect of the Ottoman Empire with three sultans, starting with Suleiman the Magnificent. During his lifetime, he built more than three hundred buildings from palaces and fountains to charity canteens and hospitals. The architect worked primarily in Istanbul, in Herzegovina he built the famous Visegrad Bridge and the Karagoz Bey Mosque.

Named in honor of Mehmed Karagoz Bey, a respected and revered person in Herzegovina. He was born in the family of an Ottoman official in the suburb of Mostar, in the memory of his descendants remained thanks to huge charitable donations. In his native village, he built a small mosque and an elementary Islamic school, and in the neighboring Good, there was a stone bridge. The most significant charitable deed of Karagoz Bey was a large domed mosque in Mostar. There is a whole complex with it a primary school, a madrasa, a library, a charity hotel for homeless, as well as a free inn for travelers.

The war caused significant damage to these structures World War II and Balkan. Now the monument of Muslim architecture is restored and open to visitors. When the mosque again operates the oldest madrasah in these parts.

The interior of the mosque is designed in the traditional style of that era. In the pretty courtyard beautiful fountain for ablutions before the prayer. The highest minaret is allowed to climb. Although the staircase there is very narrow and steep, there are stunning views of the city from above admire and take pictures.

Karagoz Bey Mosque in Mostar was built in the architectural style, traditional for the 16th century. It is also considered one of the most representative monuments of Islamic architecture of the time in the world. The building is richly decorated with arabesques, and a fountain is installed in the courtyard. Water is washed from it before the prayer. The mosque is notable for the fact that it preserves the hand-written Quran written about 4 centuries ago.

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