Neretva River

Neretva River Guide

Neretva originates under the mountain ranges of Zelengore and Lebršnik at an altitude of 1095 m above sea level. Its length is 225 km, of which 203 are in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the remaining 22 flow through Croatia. Mostly it is a mountain river, and only in the lower course, it turns into a plain. Neretva flows into the Adriatic Sea, forming a branched delta.

The river is famous for the emerald color of its water. It is the only river in Herzegovina that could beat the treacherous karst, swallowing whole rivers without a trace. Neretva never goes underground completely, only in some places it loses a little when karst drinks a part of water.

The river begins with a small source under the mountain Gredel, which immediately flows into several other streams. Getting out of the mountains, Neretva describes a spiral, changing direction from the initial north-west to south-east. On the way, it absorbs dozens of tributaries water, becoming more powerful and faster.

Canyon Neretva up to one kilometer deep is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The first city on its way is Konitz, where a beautiful stone bridge was moved across the Neretva. After Konitsa, the river spreads into the Yablanichko Lake with a fairly calm current and wonderful places for fishing.

A few kilometers from the town of Yablanitsa is a dam, which forms the above-mentioned lake. After a kilometer of a completely dry riverbed, the river returns and quickly gains strength. From Yablanitsa and further, it is a deep beautiful beautiful river with emerald water. Some more times accumulation lakes appear on it, but not as big as Yablanichko.

South of the Neretva River squeezes another shallow canyon and near Pocitelj and Chaplins it finally becomes a flat calm river. There it meets Bregavoy, Trebizhatom and sleeve Trebišnjica and in such great company rushes to the sea.

In Croatia, the Neretva spreads into many branches and completes its 225-kilometer route into the Adriatic Sea. It is interesting that Jadran is in such a hurry to merge in an embrace with the Herzegovina beauty that sea fish in the lower layers of water is caught even in Metkovic, 22 kilometers from the mouth.

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