Restaurants and cafes in Sarajevo

Restaurants and cafes in Sarajevo

National cuisine is unique and is a harmonious combination of Slavic, Mediterranean, Turkish and German culinary traditions. The basis of the menu of many restaurants are meat dishes, which are usually served with fresh vegetables and herbs. From the Slavic peoples, the locals inherited a love for dairy products and bread, in many home restaurants, visitors will be offered to try excellent pastries and real homemade cheese.

Meat Dishes

As for meat treats, they are most often made from beef, and national restaurants serve excellent pork and lamb dishes. Meat is often cooked on an open fire or stewed, one of the most famous national treats is “Bosan-Lonas” roast meat with spices and cabbage. Also, fans of meat treats will enjoy the local kebab, without which it is simply impossible to imagine any holiday table.

Vegetable dishes are always served on the table, among which simple salads from fresh vegetables filled with olive oil predominate.

Seafood Dishes

Despite the fact that seafood dishes are considered less common, you can easily find several attractive restaurants in the city. They are dominated by dishes of fried fish, as well as culinary specialists prepare interesting cakes and first courses with seafood. We should also talk about local desserts, which deserve special attention. It is in this area that the influence of Turkish traditions can be traced; halva, Turkish delight, and baklava are considered the most popular national sweets.

Black coffee remains the most common drink among locals, and in local restaurants, guests will be offered aromatic herbal tea and, of course, milk. Among alcoholic beverages, beer remains the most popular among citizens.

Zlatna Ribica

The cult place in Sarajevo is the Zlatna Ribica Bar. According to the design, it looks more like a museum or an antique shop; unique antiques were used to decorate the bar. The bar is located in the very center of the city, despite the fact that only drinks are served in this bar, it is very popular among the guests of the city. Here you can try elite varieties of alcohol, as well as special cocktails, many of which have a very interesting story.

Lovers of historical traditions and Italian cuisine will love the Cakum Pakum cafe, which is also decorated in vintage style. In this cafe they cook wonderful homemade pasta with meat and seafood, you can try vegetable salads with cheese and meat delicacies, and also enjoy branded pancakes, which remain a favorite dessert with regular guests. In addition to popular dishes, cafes are offered a decent selection of Italian wines, the price level in a popular cafe is always very attractive.

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