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Sarajevo Olympics 1984

Sarajevo ’84

Various types of olympics has been going on around the world since the Greek people invented it. One of the most popular olympics shows itself on cold winter days. Those are mostly known as the Winter Olympics. In 1984, the Winter Olympics has done at the Sarajevo city. However, Sarajevo Olympics may come unfamiliar to your ears. In this article we will give you a brief information about the Olympics has been done in Sarajevo.

opening ceremony of sarajevo winter olympics
opening ceremony of sarajevo winter olympics

Summary of the Sarajevo Olympics 1984

I invite you to use your imagination as strongly as you could. Think a city covered by one meter snow and thermometers are showing 20 degrees under zero. Roads are not able to drive on, even the main ones. At those conditions, Yugoslavia witnessed a great winter olympics. It started on 8th of February and it has ended on 19th of February. After short time passed, Bosnia got into the war. That war has left a terrifying genocide. Big number of Bosnian were dead. For more information check our Bosnian War article.

sarajevo olympics
sarajevo olympics

When we come to the olympics we see notable facts and valuable historical information. In those years, Bosnia was a communist country. Sarajevo has the title of being first communist country held a winter olympics. Hence, some people still call the Sarajevo Olympics as the communist olympics. Additionaly Bosnia Herzogovenia’s population mostly fulled by Muslim people. Bosnia is one of the rare Muslim countries which held a worldwide olympic.

Also the participation to the olympics were great. People from the 49 countries around the world were there to participate in Sarajevo Olympics. Competitors has challenged in 39 different categories. About the $50 million were made by ticket sales. Over 7500 journalists tracked the olympics. 2 million people watched the games. It was a perfect record for those days. Sarajevo Olympics made good investment on Bosnia’s economy. The government and community were glad to it. Bosnia were not a wealthy country and it is still not. However, at those days its economic condition was even worse. Because of all these, holding an olympic was an unmissable opportunity. They did not miss.

Disabled Sportmen

Sarajevo Olympics gave opportunity to disabled athletes to join an olympic for the first time. The disabled people challenged with each others like the other sporters. Because of this, Sarajevo Olympics saw more respect from people. For these days, it was an important step for disabled world citizens. Giving them priorities was not popular as today.

First Medal of Yugoslavia

Yugoslavia had no medal in the Winter olympics until Sarajevo. The country won its first medal in the Winter Olympics. It was a silver medal. A Slovenian skier named Jure Franko was the owner of the medal. Because he brought a particular trophy for his nation, he got a gigantic fame around Yugoslavia.

Abandoned Olympic Venues

sarajevo olympics abandoned olympic venue
sarajevo olympics abandoned olympic venue

Structures that has builded for Sarajevo Olympics are unfortunately abandoned today. They haven’t used after Olympics. Nowadays abandoned places attracts tourists  attention.

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Abandoned olympic venues in Sarajevo are really interesting. I plan to visit Sarajevo next summer. Thank you for your article.

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