sarajevo roses

Sarajevo Roses

You may think Sarajevo Roses as a real roses that are famous around the country but they are not. Sarajevo Roses have a pathetic past. They are memorial of the war which has ended at the close past. After a huge population lost, Bosnian people does not want to forget them. They found a different way to memorialize their people who lost their lives at the wartime. Unfortunately, memorials do not bring thousands of people’s life back. However, Bosnian’s keeps praying and reminding the memory of their martyrs. They all are proud of them. They are grateful. Sarajevo Roses are only one of their memorial activity for martyrs. After this much talk about Sarajevo Roses, don’t you want to know what are those actually?

What are Sarajevo Roses?

The Bosnian War were really destroying. Many kinds of guns and bombs used during the war. After such a war it was inevitable to leave no mark on the lands. A kind of bomb part mostly known as shrapnel has devastating power. At the wartime, those bombs were used heavily. Shrapnels hit all over the roads and public places of Sarajevo. The Bombs have murdered a lot of innocent people. The unfair war has ended with civil deaths for all sides. Aspecially in Sarajevo, lost number were huge. Even finding a cemetery place to bury deaths were nearly impossible. After the war people worked hardly to make Sarajevo livable. A lot of buildings got rebuilt. While all of those works going on Bosnians were building memorials for the martyrs. One of those memorials were made on Shrapnel traces.

Colored Shrapnel Traces

Sarajevo people have decided not to erase the traces. Instead of it Bosnian people have colored Shrapnel traces red. The traces were looking like roses. The red color was chosen because of that. Those traces named as Sarajevo Roses after they have colored. We don’t want to misinform you, Sarajevo Roses are not located in one place. There are many of them throughout the Sarajevo Streets. You can see them any street that you walk. As you could guess, people had no chance to decide where shrapnels will fall down. However, Bosnians have not missed any of the shrapnel traces. They made an effort to keep all of them as it is just after the war. They have not built anything on their national heritage. These efforts has created Sarajevo Roses. Looks like these marks on the streets will remain forever. All of the next generations will remember their Grandfathers and Grandmothers thanks to Sarajevo Roses.

another sarajevo rose
another sarajevo rose

Sarajevo Roses found at central location in Sarajevo. You should absolutely see this meaningful memorials. Because you may never see such an unique memorial again. Sarajevo has many touristic places and heritages to visit. Sarajevo’s cultural richness makes the city attractive for people who wants to go on a cultural holiday. If you have an idea of travelling to a country in Balkans, Bosnia (especially Sarajevo City) may be the best choice for your travel experiment.

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