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How to Take a Taxi in Sarajevo | Top 5 Best Sarajevo Taxis

There are too many transportation options in Sarajevo, however it is not possible or taking too much time to reach every part of city with public transportation. So easiest way is to use Sarajevo taxis, especially if you are a tourist. You can reach every part of city with taxi. Also you can find taxi for 24 hours.

There are many different taxi companies operating in Sarajevo. It’s cheap to take a taxi in Sarajevo but you need to make sure you aren’t taking a imitation taxi. It is necessary to have a “TAXI” sign on top and license plates with “TA” on them.


Taxi Prices in Sarajevo


Sarajevo taxi prices start from 2 KM and around +1,2 KM for every kilometer. If you will go 10 km far away, it will cost 2 + 12 = around 14 KM.



List of Sarajevo Taxis

#1 Samir & Emir Taxi

#2 Paja Taxi

#3 Kale Taxi

#4 Crveni Taxi

#5 Lav Taxi



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