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Sarma is a favorite dish of all Slavs, especially southern Slavs, but even Western Slavs love it and call it Gołąbki. A manifestation called "Željarijada" is held in Croatia. which is being held in the northern Croatian town of Varazdin, this is the 20th edition of the festival. This is a three-day festival of culture and food that wants to prepare the longest charm ever, this year officially entered the Ginis's record book for the longest charm in the world.
Each year, their sarma becomes better, longer and bigger, and if you get there, if you do not come, you will not be hungry. This year they managed to make the 1,320-meter long sarma, officially the longest in the world, and needed 22 chefs to be so big.

What do you need to make a huge charm?

1,200 pieces of cabbage,
300 kilograms of boneless beef,
410 kilos of boneless pork,
55 kilograms of bacon,
75 kilograms of dried ribs,
75 kilograms of dried sausages,
105 kilograms of rice,
14 kilos of vegets,
70 kilograms of port,
12 kilograms of salt,
2 kilograms of pepper,
700 eggs,
4.5 kilograms of port,
40 liters of oil and a lot of tomato concentrates.
So, when you get all these ingredients and dozens of chefs, you could win a record. This year the festival was visited by more than 10,000 people.

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