Transport in Bosnia

Transport in Bosnia

You can move within the state by bus and train. In the main big cities, buses run on a schedule, and getting to the province can be problematic, so you need to think about the route in advance. Also for getting around the city, trolleybuses and trams are popular here.

Since BiH is divided into Serbian and Muslim areas, regular bus services follow either Muslim or Serbian cities. The bus from Banja Luka, for example, goes to Istochno-Sarajevo, and in order to get to the center of the capital, you need to change to another transport.

Traveling by rail can be interesting for lovers of natural beauty, as some paths are laid right in the mountains, with unforgettable breathtaking views from the windows.

In large cities, taxis can be used for transportation, but you need to know that not all of them are equipped with meters and the price must be negotiated in advance to avoid trouble and spoiled mood.

Those who want to rent a car to travel around the country on their own must have an international driver’s license with them, and the driver must be at least 21 years old. When choosing a car, you should carefully examine it from the technical side, so as not to spoil your vacation at the most crucial moment. The rental price is at least 40 euros per day or 250 euros per week. The rules of the road do not differ from European ones, Cyrillic is used for pointers of settlements. Basically, the city can move at a speed of 50 km / h, on the highway you can accelerate to 80 km / h. Talking on the phone while driving and not using seat belts will be punished with a substantial fine. Since many roads are laid on the slopes of the mountains.

During independent travel, it is better to follow a given route, since if you turn off the main road, you can meet with danger.

You can drive a car rented to BiH to neighboring Serbia or Croatia, and vice versa you can come to Bosnia and Herzegovina by car rented in neighboring states.

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