Where to visit in Bosnia

Where to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina for first place?

Just arriving in the state, try to pay attention to the most popular attractions and visit them first. Be sure to include in the program and architectural, and historical, and natural, and cultural monuments. Start exploring the sights of Bosnia and Herzegovina from places like this:

1. Old Town Mostar

The old city of Mostar is the fifth largest city of the state. It received its name due to the bridge located on the Neretva River, built back in 1566 by the Ottoman Turks. Subsequently, the bridge was destroyed. It happened during the Bosnian war. But, in 2004, it was restored and made the main symbol of the city, signifying its return to life. It is very interesting to explore the surroundings and get acquainted with the local history, so be sure to include Mostar in the excursion program.

2. Neretva River

The Neretva River; its length is 225 km and 203 km falls on the territory of the studied state. Do not underestimate its role for the state. There is a statement that the significance of the Neretva is comparable to the importance of the Nile for Egypt. The river is famous for its crystal clear, in some places quite cold water. There are several cities on it: Konits, Yablanitsa, Mostar, Chaplin. Neretva is also known for the battle that took place here in 1943. On its basis, the historical film was subsequently shot.

3. Sutjeska National Park

The Sutjeska National Park is one of the oldest natural sites of similar importance in the Sutjeska Republic. It was founded in 1962. Despite the small area, which is only 17 thousand hectares, the park is of great importance. It is on its territory that one of the four prehistoric forests of Europe is located. Also here is the highest mountain in the state. Another pride is the Valley of Heroes memorial complex. Attracts attention and nature itself. The territory is dominated by mountain slopes, but you can find colorful valleys with rich flora and clear lakes. If we talk about flora, in the park grows about 2500 species of plants. The animal world is also quite rich.

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